Devices of Mass Imagination, is what I call my photography equipment and gear as well. Let’s start with the ones that I have and this is only my knowledge, You don’t have to agree with my opinion on these devices:

An Atop Xpack-1 kinda Mavic Air clone, with 720 quality video, which is ok for doing some air time and kinda good pictures, going to use it soon for some landscape pictures.

DJI Mini 2, you gotta love this guy, a great one that even has 4K quality. will use this one for those cinema moments that are needed for telling a story or anecdote.

Along with a Nikkon D3100 from my father, which I always enjoy to use and getting some few lenses in the way for getting these wonderful pictures.

And of course, My Mini iPhone 12, which I will use for point and shoot and videos as well, and yes, some posting will be done here.