You will never guess where this “hole” is located.

I took this picture on October 6 , 2021 when I was working in the Metro Office Park area in Guaynabo, and I needed to take it because it was so curious to me, just to imagine what it had inside and even playing with the mind of everyone that enjoys this kind of macro photography, but I have to be honest with you and make a revealing confession, this is really a toll entrance tube from a private parking area , that is beside where I used to work.

So why did I took a picture of this item? well, if there is one thing that I truly enjoy about macro photography, is to trick the eye and put everyone wondering what did just I took a picture of and maybe scratch some heads in the way, which I hope I did; Now , it would be easy if sometimes we could take a look inside about modern society problems and go a little deeper to find the reason why things are the way they are at this moment, and to find an answer if we take a macro look at it and find the solution to it and even solve it, at the possible shortest amount of time.

Have a good day everyone and more things to come and wonder on the Metaluna Factor.