A surviving bridge span is now a tourist attraction

The Puente de Rio Hondo or the Rio Hondo Bridge, was originally installed in 1881 as one of the three spans of the Reyes Catòlicos bridge over the Plata River o Rio de la Plata on Comerìo. Being the oldest bridge truss on the island, and the only surviving span due to a hurricane path, it was reinstalled in the area of the Barranquitas-Comerìo road, until being removed and replaced in 2001, in the facilities of the Media Luna Hotel.

This bridge span can be now admired on these images that I took on 2014, and I gotta tell you, brideges are such interesting objects that I enjoy taking pictures and get the best of it, specially when there`s history that surrounds them, and this is the case, without a doubt.