Doing a good exercise before going back on the road again, here on this park on El Remanso in Cupey, San Juan.

It has been a while since i have posted on the blog, because I have been busy doing different things , but on Sunday, I have decided to do a little aerial photography with my Mini 2 and doing some drills, because on April, I will be flying on different areas of the island, as long as it is allowed by the FAA, and it is considered a flying zone, but basically, I will be covering rural and coast areas as well, along with public areas that have interesting stories and anecdotes as well.

This post is a short one, but without a doubt, I always love to take one of my drones, and do a little of photograph and video as well, but in the meantime, I will do some maintenance on the Mini 2 as required, and maybe changing some propellers, for a better opportunity of flying and taking some awesome pictures and videos for my drone channel on Youtube, which I will let you know, because at this moment, it is under construction and I need to edit some of the content that I will add, to make it one interesting and fun to watch.

So, stay tunes and subscribe to my blog, more content will be available this week. Thank You and remember, every picture tells a story.

Love a good sunset.