small gazebo on Juncos Public Plaza

A few years ago, I decided to take different pictures of the different public plazas from Puerto Rico, with the purpose of doing an exhibition, and while I was searching for some content on Today`s blog, I decided to add some of these pictures I found, and with the purpose of visiting them again and maybe write a little about them, because there is a lot of interesting things in a regular public plaza, from characters, gazebos, fountains and much more.

Some of these plazas have special monuments dedicated either to war heroes, or even to special characters, or important public figures that have decided to give a bright future to their town; these pictures are from the public plazas of Juncos and Yabucoa.

And of course, nature takes a big part of the plazas, like these wonderful trees on the Guaynabo and Gurabo public plazas , which brings a wonderful green factor on the plaza and makes it not only a site for a good view, but also brings a good oxygen maker which is most needed on the concrete jungle.