a greater antilean grackle or chango.

It looks like animals will always be a part of this blog, and to be honest, I don,t mind because they are excellent models when they want to, and usually, most of the part, they are very nice posing to the camera. And this past Sunday, while I was ordering my lunch, this little guy just stood there while I was having lunch and decided to pose for the camera, maybe to take a bite in exchange? maybe, but at the time my food arrived, he was already gone.

But it was nice of him to get my phone and do a little portrait of him; He is a greater antilean grackle or chango, as they are called on the island, and usually they make nests on traffic lights and even areas that are near electric bulbs in the city. they are harmless, but territorial, and when they want something , they would on a different mob trying to tell the other birds that this is their turf, but most times, they feed of other animals and pieces of food that humans leave when they finish eating at the outdoors.