I took these pictures in 2014 , when the outside mall/street known as Paseo de Diego, located in the heart of Rio Piedras, was a ghost town, which at this moment, is beginning to have a transformation with a possible new impact in an artistic and economic matter, which could blend in a way to also pursue tourism and new business opportunities , according to the article from newsismybusiness.com .

The iconic sign that has stood over heaven and hell , and represents the entrance to the mall/street; and looking at it, makes You wonder that it`s a sign for hope and a new beginning for this area, which I hope that it would be soon enough. I used to work on this area years ago, and although, it was a little dangerous after hours, which I was held at gunpoint in my forehead where I used to work, this area had a very concise heartbeat during their heydays, being one of the most important commercial area of San Juan, and with having a vicinity area of the University of Puerto Rico, theaters, stores, and much more.