Hello everyone! I hope that each and everyone is having a nice Holy Week , for those who are believers, or for those that had other ways of celebrating, I understand this is Spring Break, so either way, have fun and take care. I decided to write in this post, to say thank you for your support on this blog, and without a doubt, there is more to come soon, so be sure to subscribe and also give a like if you enjoy the pictures and there is more to come.

For the What,s on my mind category, I usually will post different kind of pictures that I have recently taken , by any reason, and though it would be good to share, it could be landscape, concrete jungle, portrait, aerial, something more of a random thing. I have been working on a new portfolio page which will be published soon, and also, I would consider to publish on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, to me, these are most manageable days I could go and work on my context and picture as well.

To be honest, this blog is very important to me and I really enjoy all the pictures that I have published, but love to explain and even tell a short story about them, or even some information about the location that I have taken them. It has been some kind of hectic weeks, these past ones, due to the local situation with the power outage, and also working on other projects, which will be revealed later on. but as i always hashtag on my instagram pictures, photography is my therapy, photography is in my blood, photography is in my dna, and every picture tells a story; These are motivational quotes that are part of my motor to keep running, and always being ready yo point and shoot with my dmi on hand. Once again, Thank you everyone, and hope to see you and glad that you enjoy this blog , which is very special to me, and by the way, be sure to check my Spanish sci-fi blog, Vox Robotika , which i know you will enjoy as well.