Pelicans are such a big spectacle when they are on the shore, and to take pictures of them , it`s a great experience just to point and shoot at them with my smartphone or DSLR, specially when they are going directly to feed themselves. There are about eight species that are known to inhabit our planet; the species that are featured here are the brown pelican or pelecanus occidentalus linnaeus, which are located in the North American and the Caribbean to northern South America and the Galapagos.

I shot these pictures on February 2021, on the Ocean Park area near Condado area of San Juan, and Isla Verde area of Carolina. to be honest, they were a little shy on going down to the water, but when they did, it was an incredible moment every time they did.

As a kid, I remember watching them when I used to leave near the coastal area of Isla Verde, and I wondered how tall they were, and one day, when I was in preschool, a scientific researcher brought one to the classroom, and boy, was I impressed because he was big and tall , and without a doubt, I was also afraid at the time, but now, would love to see them closer.