Originally shot on July 25th 2021 on a stormy night

To bring a stormy night could be the most beautiful and dangerous thing you can do, due to the thunder and lightning that brings it as a menace because of its hazardous conditions, but that night, I decided to step outside my apartment to check if I could get lucky and take a shot of a ray coming down to the land on a distant area of course, but that would be for another day. But even though, I thought it was a good idea to take some pictures on how the reflections of lightning manifest in a cloudy stormy night, enjoy the pictures.

Love the way clouds portrait themselves, like this example, I see a phoenix getting ready to rise up and dance into the fire.

The phoenix prepares to dance while the trees are his witness and the birds are all hidden in wonder and fear.

Theres always that haunting spirit that brings the shooter in me, referring to a photo shoot of course, to me is just to see all the environments that are surrounding the sky, weather, concrete jungle, light, and even the smell of humidity announcing the event of rain, with no matter if is light or heavy, because it will always be there. Some people cannot stand the rain, but me, I found it as an opportunity of challenging myself to take pictures and being extra aware of the conditions that Mother Nature could bring, but that is the price that you need to pay to get that picture you desire on such conditions that are uncertained.