Ocean Park area between Isla Verde and Condado

With the visions of the night theme, one of the places that is fun to take pictures , and of course, there is a really big risk factor due to the dangers that can surround it, is the beach at night.I really enjoy taking pictures at the beach, specially at night, but is not an usual thing to do; I think taking pictures at night, could set you up in a nostalgic mood, and to be honest, I would love to do it much more on a frequent way, regardless the beach, and who knows, maybe there could another shooting pretty soon.

Beach in front of El Indio Park in Condado

This picture is one of my personals, because I could describe it as the beginning of the road to the beach, but at the same time, it is all dark and it makes you wonder, what is on the other side? and of course, the color of the sand takes a wonderful look at the mystery of wondering what the night can do, because as Steve Winwood used to say, Dont You know what the night can do?, yes, thought of Steve Winwood, and his 1987 hit song; because I am a 80s guy and I love and treasure classic rock.

The moon without a doubt serves as a gleam from the sky which illuminates, and makes the difference between the sea, sand and sky; and I have to admit, this is one of my favorite pictures from this post, hope you enjoy it.