Today I wanted to tell each and everyone nothing but Thank You for the support of this blog that started on February 8th, one day after my Birthday, and 3 months later, more than 1200 views have been registered on the blog and I know there will be more to come, Thanks to each and every one of you that had viewed this project and liked it, and believe me there is more to come as I have made a commitment to show a post every Monday with my camera for you too see.

Now, I could understand that some of you may say, why the heck is he celebrating only 1200 views, some of the biggest bloggers have millions of views, yes, that is true, but the point is that sometimes, you need to celebrate a small victory to keep working for your goals , maybe a little motivation that tells you, to keep it up , get focused, and be on the right track; and fight for your rights. I feel happy of this small victory , which is one small step for the millions that lies ahead.

I will finish my post with some of my favorite hashtags that i always include on my instagram account : photography is in my blood, photography is in my dna, photography is my theraphy and every picture tells a story, but at the same time, I leave you with my quotes that describe me as a photographer:

To fulfill a destiny, Too ignite a passion, To embrace the legacy, To heal the wounds, and of course, I am Ordered by Chaos and Drawn by Light. Thank You and subscribe or like this one.