I took these pictures on 2012, on a weekend stay at the ruins of the Hacienda Frontera, located at the central western part of the island, Las Marias is in the country side which features a wonderful view of mountains and is the location of Rio Guacio or the Rio Grande de Añasco. Hacienda Frontera is a landmark and a place of interest, and maybe this could be turned into a good Airbnb, unless it`s already been done recently, because now there is a lot of places to stay and what I have seen online, are just majestic, and this could be good for an awesome relaxing weekend getaway.

Puerto Rico has a lot of these haciendas that are abandoned, even if they are in ruins, they should be remodeled again and use them as a museum, or possibly , to start a new business, get a good investment on some of the parts or have new ones and restart; maybe it is just me, but is a good way to start a new business that could jump shift the economy, which is needed to import and export goods.

And of course, one of the best sunrise I have ever seen, specially in the western side of the island, here is to enjoy: