Took these pictures on April with an introduction of creating a series related to the concrete jungle, and you may ask , what is the concrete jungle? to me, is the fusion of animals and plants in an environment that is not usually their natural habitat, but they have adapted to it, and give it an interesting sense of wonder and beauty at the same time, even if it is a small weed on a sidewalk, or a nest located in a traffic light, i consider it an interesting blend of man and nature.

These trees are part of the Ponce de Leon Avenue, that have developed an interesting mix between nature and concrete, giving it a balance in the way, and also letting a good side of beauty in the heart of the city. In a near future post, I will elaborate on some of the areas that Santurce has, because this county is excellent for taking good pictures in my opinion. I have heard that Paseo de Diego in Rio Piedras will also be given a rural transformation by also planting trees in different areas, so this will be a good benefit and an opportunity for a possible economy injection on the town, which is mostly needed.

Not only trees and plants are part of the concrete jungle, but also , the effect of a rainy day and a relaxed freeway before the light turns green, is also part of the concrete jungle, and you can notice it, when you see how is reflected in these pictures. I really enjoy to look the balance of a nature between the city and a park or a small forest, because this gives a great balance, and also brings a necessary source of oxygen in a highly polluted area. In our busy environment, it is good to take a look on the surroundings that could be brought by the goods of a natural corner.