Hello everyone! It has been a weird month, but usually, September has always been like this, specially when you leave in the Caribbean, where unfortunately, you are in the middle of the Hurricane Expressway and the power company is a big mess, terrible household planning, and the forces of Nature are finally demanding their position on this planet, specially on the beach and mountains, you get Hurricane Fiona being the stormbringer that struck Puerto Rico , in a time when five years ago, Hurricane Maria devastated our island.

At this moment, is when I have decided that I will not have a photographer,s block , like it happened to me a few months ago, but my intentions on this blog, is to make it more of my portfolios, and maybe do some photography related topics like gear, apps , etc..

As the sunset steps in, a series of clouds that looks like the remain of the bad weather, hoping that better days lies ahead of us and wishing for a better future.

Electricity and water are two main things that are missing in some of the areas of my island, and to be honest, I have no idea when they will be back and believe me, there are a lot of residents from the south west and the center of the island that need help, and I found these Non Profit Organizations that You could donate or find out :

Taller Salud = a women, s organization dedicated to improving women,s access to health care by reducing violence with the community and encourage economic growth through education and activism.

La Fondita de Jesus = A non profit organization dedicated to transforming the lives of homeless people and people that lives in vulnerable communities in the island.

Brigada Solidaria del Oeste = A community that surrounds special organizations, creative spaces with a mission to promote self management.

Techos Pa Mi Gente = A community which started after Hurricane Maria, with the purpose on assisting those that needs to repair roofs permanently after natural disasters.

Rabito Kontento = An animal identity dedicated to rescue animals that have been abused and at the same time, to educate and make a forward change to their benefit.

Save a Gato = An animal identity that cares about the cats of Old San Juan by assisting on the cat colony environment by trap, neuter and return to their safe habitat in the Old Town.