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I enjoy taking pictures of animals, like I did on the recent post of the Guaraguao or Red Tailor Hawk, which gave me a wonderful exposition of his magnificent avatar, but also, if theres one kind of species that I enjoy taking pictures because of their occurrences on their daily basis are cats. These feline friends could be feral or even domesticated to be a pet or even a four legged son or daughter, they are natural posers and as long as you dont seem like a threat to them, they will gladly let you take a picture of them.

Took these pictures near the area that I used to work last year in the Guaynabo area, and also in Old San Juan area, which I am grateful to them for letting me take these pictures of them and posing in most peculiar ways like in these pictures, and I would like to inform you, that more animal portrait including dogs, and more cats, will be published very soon.

But something that i will start doing from now on, is giving a special shout out to different organizations, which are non profit or go fund me, like in this occasion, dedicated to contribute on animals, so let`s begin:

SAVE A GATO – They are dedicated to trap, neuter and return the cats that are living in the Old San Juan , so they keep the cat population under control without having to euthanize, as well as monitor the community of cats in the Paseo del Morro area, foster and take care of pregnant and adult cats from the Old San Juan by their group of volunteers, educate for those who are interested in fostering or even neuter their areas for better living of the cat community and also participate on the adopting programs of Pet Co, Petsmart and other shelters in the United States, check them out, they are great and they have very talented people as volunteers.

Alfred,s Medical Care – This Go Fund Me project is organized by my friend, Vivian, which is doing this, with the purpose of helping her cat, Alfred, which has been diagnosed with Lymphoma, which is a cancer that begins with the infection fighting cells of the immune system , called lymphocytes. Even though, he is a fighter and struggling with his condition, he needs chemo right away. You can go to his Go Fund Me page and donate, so he can play with his four legged brothers and sisters , and eat spiders. as mentioned in the page, the money will go only for the medical bills.

Please help Alfred, picture from her owner and mother, Vivian Pierce.