These past few hours had been a little hectic for me, due to the no power fact incident, and that I cannot post in time as planned, so i decided to bring different pictures from my past collection and of course, share with all of you, during this turmoil week that has been on my island, which I love and adore this piece of paradise, but the government makes it a living hell, and something tells me, it`s the same thing with every country and every government, regardless of who you are, too much power drives you mad, when it is supposed to be, great power comes great responsibility.

I don,t remember if I mention this on any recent post to this category, but to me , concrete jungle, is the mix between the city and a piece of nature, for example, an avenue with different trees and buildings, a park located in a complex building area, or even a pond or river near a highway, that what makes the balance between these two different components between humans and nature. In a personal point of view, I enjoy this balance, because it resembles to me, a much needed balance to obtain , and a little more oxygen to be produced, which is much needed.